Cassandre Beaugrand vs Beth Potter: Tim Don’s Bold Prediction

Everybody is talking about this head-to-head and the two favourites for Olympic gold squaring up in London, and after getting beaten by Beth Potter in important races last year you have to say it is fearless of Cassandre Beaugrand to go head-to-head with her at supertri E.

Remember that going into the World Championships last year Beth was world number two and Cass was world number one and Beth turned the tables and became World Champion. In the Paris Test event again it was Beth.


Beth has the upper hand and the last time they met each other in supertri E Beth did win, but without a doubt there is some extra maturity in Cassandre this year. She has been working a lot aerodynamically, she has a proper structure to her season and I think she is coming in with genuine confidence.

Last year she was coming in having fun and we know she likes the shorter distances, but she is learning now to live with the pressure.

Going into your home Olympics as an Olympic medallist, world number two, second in the Test event…the French have already hung a medal around her neck and she knows that and coming here what better way to say ‘yes, this is me, this is what I am going to do in 2024.’

That is fearless. To go head-to-head with Beth is fearless.

Beth Potter vs Cassandre Beuagrand

Beth hasn’t raced this year and has been chopping wood and carrying water the last couple of years and has got better and better. She has the run, her swimming and biking have got better and this is her forte, swimming in the pool without any hustle and bustle. This is going to be close.

Cass knows Beth’s strengths but also knows her weakness and that’s what she needs to capitalise on.

They race very differently. Cassandre races very much from the front whereas Beth has to have a good swim while Cass is more in control.

They will only be looking at this race. They have already made their Olympics teams, they will be blocking out Paris and seeing every race as an opportunity to win but also an opportunity to get beaten and that’s what they don’t want to happen.

Only one of them can go home with a smile on their face and that’s what everyone wants to watch.

Tim Don’s Prediction: I think Beth has a proven track record over this format to take the win.


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