Kristian Blummenfelt: I need to make up a minute on the run in Paris

Kristian Blummenfelt has revealed that he thinks he is “about 1 minute down” from the time he needs to produce on the run to challenge for next year’s Olympic Games in Paris – but believes he can get there and successfully defend his title.

In an open and honest interview with Adam Leitch for the latest episode of ‘Face to Face’ for The Super League Triathlon Podcast, the 2020 gold medallist and former Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Champion says that although he is currently off the pace he feels he will be able to close the gap in the run up to the games.

He said: “I feel like I’m within reach in terms of getting ready for Paris next year. I guess I’ve been showing I’m a minute too slow on the run this year in order to be able to fight with Alex (Yee) and Hayden (Wilde) especially.

“But I also feel I’m probably well over a minute from my fastest run. So as long as that is connected I feel I know what I have to do in order to become competitive.”

Blummenfelt also talks about his plans post Paris. He said: “Kona 2024. That’s 3 months after the games. Although it’s like Tokyo – I had signed up for an Ironman before but I believe to win the Olympics you need to train all in and just focus on that so that’s what I will do.”

In a wide ranging interview Blummenfelt also reflects on:

  • How he got in to the sport

  • How and why he commits so much to triathlon

  • His relationship with Gustav Iden, and his response to Iden’s descriptions of him in a previous Face To Face episode

  • The business side of the sport and the pressure of sponsors 

  • Switching between distances

  • His legacy in the sport

You can listen to the whole episode now or watch the episode in full on the Super League Triathlon YouTube channel.


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