The Class Of 2024

The NXT Gen initiative, which kicks-off in 2024, will see supertri support a diverse range of projects which align with its commitment to grow the sport and its core principles. This will be a yearly campaign driven by passion for the sport and driven by principle.

Fanni Szalai

The 16-year-old who has turned dreams into reality. supertri has supported Fanni's journey by providing her first experience racing against world-class athletes. This opportunity, along with prize money from her victories, has allowed her to enhance her training, secure sponsors, and obtain the equipment needed to compete at the highest level.

supertri is dedicated to promoting young talent, with pay structures designed to support youth development. Fanni’s story also serves as an inspiration for young girls to stay involved in sports at a time when many tend to drop out.

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Eshe Stockton

Eshe is breaking barriers and her dream is to see more people of colour in triathlon. supertri supports those who are breaking boundaries and enriching our communities.

12-year-old Eshe will be racing Boston Triathlon before supertri Boston kicks-off off the League series and will be supported by an elite racing team with her inspirational story amplified to the world.


Jude Jamjoom

One of the inspirational leaders of the movement to get more women and girls involved in triathlon in Saudi Arabia. Jude has trodden the path herself, breaking boundaries and pushing limits.

supertri believes triathlon is a force to unite and break boundaries, bring communities together and supports initiatives in Saudi Arabia and the wider region to inspire people to compete in triathlon across gender and background.

Middaugh brothers

Sullivan and Porter Middaugh are brothers in a triathlon dynasty - their father Josiah is a multiple XTERRA World Champion. But they need support on a journey to a home Olympics in LA 2028.

They are backed by USA Triathlon’s Project Podium, and thanks to its partnership with supertri, they will be given elite racing opportunities and a pathway to reach the top of the sport. Highlighting and supporting this journey can inspire more kids to pursue a career in triathlon and grow our sport.


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