supertri Continues Lead Role In Middle East Triathlon Growth With Launch Of Crown Racing

supertri will continue to lead the growth of triathlon in the Middle East with the launch of Crown Racing.

Crown Racing is the third team confirmed to compete in supertri’s 2024 League season, with Bahrain Victorious 13 extending its commitment by becoming its inaugural principal partner having been a sponsor for the last three years.

The team will further deepen supertri’s connection in the Middle East, building on the significant progress made through events in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, and collaborations with different regional federations. This includes a programme to help inspire a new generation of talent in the region, support for the Saudi Triathlon Federation to enable accelerated grassroots growth among young girls and boys, and broadcast deals featuring Arabic commentary to bring the sport to a wider audience.

supertri’s 2024 League campaign will come to a thrilling end with the Grand Final being held in NEOM on November 3, when even more activity designed to create accessible opportunities for participation will take place with stars of the sport representing Crown Racing more closely aligned than ever before.

supertri CEO and Co-Founder, Michael D’hulst, said: “supertri is the Future of Triathlon across the world, and the Middle East has been a key part of our journey. We first started our work with NEOM and the Saudi Triathlon Federation in 2018, and have made tremendous strides, building strong networks and relationships that have seen significant growth of the sport across the region.

“Bahrain Victorious has been part of the supertri team development since we began the concept and the launch of Crown Racing, a team with a focus in the region and with Bahrain continuing its commitment as title sponsor, will help us to support and deliver the region’s ambitious aims for the sport.”

supertri’s new Teams initiative is a strategic move designed to enhance the league's resonance with fans and participants worldwide, amplifying the triathlon experience to unprecedented levels.

The four teams of four men and four women will compete in supertri’s League, beginning in 2024 in Boston on August 18. All teams must include an under-23 athlete in line with supertri’s commitment to developing the future of triathlon, and the teams will compete for a prize pot of $1.1m, which sits outside of individual prize money. The team franchise is purchased in perpetuity by its owner. 

At the heart of supertri's approach is the goal to empower franchisees to evolve teams into distinct brands. This empowerment is key to unlocking the untapped potential within the community and local markets to propel the sport forward.

Teams, in the supertri universe, are envisioned as much more than competitors; they are essential pillars for the promotion and growth of triathlon. Transitioning to franchise ownership, supertri is tapping into local enthusiasm, commitment, and insight to foster a deeper, more meaningful connection with the sport's global audience.

Podium Racing, managed by 4-time World Champion Tim Don, and Stars & Stripes Racing, managed by Parker Spencer, have already been confirmed.

Crown Racing begins competing in the supertri League 2024, which is as follows:

August 18: supertri Boston

  • August 25: supertri Chicago

  • September 8: supertri London

  • October 6: supertri Toulouse

  • November 3: supertri NEOM

Further announcements on Team Rosters, kit and the League will be made in the coming weeks.


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