Star Athlete Hit With 5 Second Penalty Before Racing Starts

Fanni Szalai will have to produce one of her finest performances to make the final of the supertri E World Triathlon Championship powered by Zwift after being hit with a penalty before racing has even begun.

The Hungarian sensation, who launched herself on to the world stage as a 15-year-old in supertri E last year, is in London to try and underline her stellar progress.

However, Szalai missed the pre-race briefing, which under World Triathlon rules carries with it a mandatory 5 second penalty.

Szalai will complete the first swim in her heat and then be held at her bike for 5 seconds before being able to continue.

Given her heat contains World Champion Beth Potter - who won the event last year - as well as former podium athlete Lena Meissner and some other big talent, the odds are stacked firmly against her qualifying automatically as one of the top two.

If Szalai cannot claw back the time for a top two finish then she will have to attempt to qualify as one of the four fastest losers from across the three heats, even with the 5 seconds.

With Szalai coming into supertri E with a slight niggle, it is an uphill task that will test even the incredible triathlon prodigy.


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