supertri E World Triathlon Championships powered by Zwift will be supported by Garmin products on the world stage

supertri E World Triathlon Championships powered by Zwift will be backed by the Garmin® ecosystem when it returns to the global stage on April 13.

Garmin have been key to supertri E for the past three years, and is extending its support to again be at the heart of race day at the London Aquatic Centre, beginning the moment the athletes first visit the venues and step on the Index S2 Smart Scale. The scale will be used to weigh the athletes before the race to ensure the correct data is given to Zwift and support a fair race with watts per kg a key factor during virtual racing.

During the race, athletes will utilise the Tacx® NEO 3M and Tacx NEO Bike Plus – exceptionally quiet, accurate and powerful smart trainers that provide a realistic indoor cycling experience and give the world’s best triathletes the best platform to shine.

In addition, the athletes will wear the HRM-ProPlus premium heart rate strap to track even more data during swimming, biking and running activities. It will also let athletes analyse their performance and help fans understand the incredible efforts of their heroes, with the likes of World Champion and Garmin athlete Beth Potter and three-time Olympic medallist Jonathan Brownlee among those racing at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

supertri E World Triathlon Championship powered by Zwift is one of sport’s most innovative, entertaining and award winning formats. It blends real life and virtual racing and featured at the IOC’s Olympic Esports Week. Athletes race in packed arenas with their efforts on the bike and run realised in a virtual race environment with a compelling broadcast product delivering a new generation of Esports fans and pure in your face intensity.

The 2024 edition will up the pressure for the pros even further with up to 60 athletes competing in a dramatic one-day World Championship event in partnership with World Triathlon on April 13 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, tickets available now.

There will be no margin for error as a series of heats in the morning will see only 10 men and 10 women make it through to the final in the evening and a chance to lift the supertri E World Triathlon Championship powered by Zwift titles in front of a packed crowd at the iconic venue.

The heats will consist of two stages of swim, bike, run with a short break between them and a pursuit start for stage 2. The finals will be the full supertri E World Triathlon Championship format (Swim – Bike – Run // Run – Bike – Swim // Swim – Bike – Run) with a pursuit start in stage 3.



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