How The Garmin Fitness Ecosystem Powers supertri E’s Pro Racing?

As the world’s best triathletes hone their final preparations in a bid to win the supertri E World Triathlon Championship titles on April 13, Garmin is equally as busy helping to deliver the ecosystem to make it all happen.

Garmin are long-time partners of supertri E, and their delivery will again be crucial to producing the multi-award winning hybrid format that has played to packed arenas and featured in the IOC’s Olympic Esports Week.

From the moment the athletes first step into the London Aquatic Centre at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Friday afternoon, through the heats on Saturday morning and the globally broadcast finals on Saturday night, Garmin will be helping to produce the action every step of the way.

Here, we lift the lid on how it is all done:

The weigh-in:

One crucial piece of the puzzle begins on Friday when athletes arrive at the venue for the first time to register and have a familiarisation session.

As part of their registration they are weighed on Garmin’s Index S2 Smart Scale, so that the accurate data can be used to create their power numbers.

The Index S2 Smart Scale also offers a variety of biometric data and can connect to the Garmin Connect™mobile and desktop app. In addition, there are further capabilities of the technology if athletes use it in their training to track changes over time and to inform rehydration strategies.

In the swim, on the run - and throughout:

supertri E has become known for the real-time data it can offer to viewers to help them truly understand the performances of the athletes. One of the best displays of this is live heart rate data, that is shown both in the arena on the LED Megawall and on the global broadcast.

This is all delivered by the Garmin HRM-ProPlus which tracks runs, swims and more. It transmits real-time heart rate data over ANT+ connectivity and Bluetooth and helps create a truly immersive viewing and spectating experience. 

On the bike:

It’s where the real drama happens in supertri E, with those eye popping moments as athletes push out the biggest power they can. And it is all thanks to the Garmin Tacx® NEO 3M, a powerful direct-drive smart trainer with built-in multidirectional movement and a state-of-the-art NEO magnet motor for the most realistic indoor ride.

Garmin will be on hand to help athletes ensure their equipment is perfectly set up to begin the race, and the technology ensures they get the best possible environment to display their incredible talents.

The Tacx® NEO 3M helps for a more natural and realistic ride experience, while they are hammering down power, real road feel thanks to a virtual flywheel, simulated inclines, and exceptional design to give the world’s best athletes a tremendous riding experience.


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