supertri Doubles Down On US Commitment With Stars & Stripes Racing Launch And Elite Athlete Opportunities

supertri can today unveil the second team taking part in its 2024 League season and a deepening of its commitment to growing short-course triathlon in the USA.

Stars & Stripes Racing is managed by Parker Spencer, USAT Olympic Coach of the Year and  the head coach of USA Triathlon’s Project Podium, and is committed to returning the country’s triathletes to the top step of the Olympic podium. Their goal is to develop a team with a backbone of experienced US athletes and exciting new talent, with an added international flavour to help mentor the youngsters and produce a winning culture.

In addition, the young athletes who form Project Podium - USAT’s programme to develop talent to podium at their home Olympics in LA in 2028 - will also be given reserve slots across all of the supertri teams competing in 2024 to deliver enhanced world class racing opportunities.

Both Stars & Stripes Racing and the enhanced elite racing slots for Project Podium are part of supertri’s commitment to the ‘Future of Triathlon’ in the USA, to inspiring a new generation of short course racing fans, and encouraging more young people into the sport via accessible mass participation events such as Chicago Triathlon and Long Beach Legacy Triathlon.

supertri’s 2024 League campaign kicks-off with a US double header in Boston on August 18 followed by Chicago on August 25.

supertri CEO and Co-Founder, Michael D’hulst, said: “supertri is committed to growing short course triathlon in the USA and driving the ‘Future of Triathlon’, and today’s announcement of Stars & Stripes Racing and the involvement of Project Podium athletes in the League is proof that we deliver on our promises with actions.

“Parker Spencer shares our vision on the huge potential for growth in the sport in the USA, by producing inspiring athletes that can thrive in LA 28 and ride a wave of momentum in interest, backed up by opportunities for people to compete in world class events no matter what their ability rather than seeing long distance events that have dominated the US triathlon scene and feeling the sport is not for them.”

Parker Spencer named as the manager of new Stars & Stripes supertri team

“If you talk to people in the US and you say triathlon, they think Ironman and they think Kona. I want them to think short course triathlon and supertri because it is something they watch on one of our big networks in the US and they feel, ‘oh wow, this is entertaining. I don't have to sit here for eight, nine hours to see who wins the race at the end of the day. I can sit here and be entertained for 45 minutes to an hour’.

“I want ten people deep on the side of the course, everybody cheering and having a hometown favorite, and I think supertri wants to do the same thing and so I think that it's a perfect partnership.”

supertri’s new Teams initiative is a strategic move designed to enhance the league's resonance with fans and participants worldwide, amplifying the triathlon experience to unprecedented levels.

The four teams of four men and four women will compete in supertri’s League, beginning in 2024 in Boston on August 18. All teams must include an under-23 athlete in line with supertri’s commitment to developing the future of triathlon, and the teams will compete for a prize pot of $1.1m, which sits outside of individual prize money. The team franchise is purchased in perpetuity by its owner. 

At the heart of supertri's approach is the goal to empower franchisees to evolve teams into distinct brands. This empowerment is key to unlocking the untapped potential within the community and local markets to propel the sport forward.

Teams, in the supertri universe, are envisioned as much more than competitors; they are essential pillars for the promotion and growth of triathlon. Transitioning to franchise ownership, supertri is tapping into local enthusiasm, commitment, and insight to foster a deeper, more meaningful connection with the sport's global audience.

Podium Racing was last week unveiled as the first franchise owners. Their team is managed by 4-time World Champion Tim Don.

Stars & Stripes Racing begins competing in the supertri League 2024, which is as follows:

  • August 18: supertri Boston

  • August 25: supertri Chicago

  • September 8: supertri London

  • October 6: supertri Toulouse

  • November 3: supertri NEOM

Further announcements on Team Rosters, kit and the League will be made in the coming weeks.


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