Tim Don: supertri E is perfect event for Katie Zaferes and Vicky Holland

They are both Olympic medallists, they are both first time mums, and they are trying to get into the two hardest teams in the world. Can they do it? Yes they can.

supertri E for Katie is so important because it’s all a numbers game for the Amercians. She needs to get as close to the full 500 points for winning supertri E, as such is the strength of the American women that Katie needs those points desperately to move up the rankings and secure starts at WTCS events. If she can’t perform at supertri E then she faces even more challenges to make that team - and if you win a world title at the same time that is something else.

Vicky is quietly chipping away, chipping away. She also needs to get on the start list for an Olympic distance in Cagliari, and we all know the strength in depth of the British women as well.

This is perfect for both of them because they have such a skill set for supertri E and for supertri that is where they are going to shine.

They are amazing role models, but they are just proving that normal people can do extraordinary things. It is very normal to be a mum but to be a mum and competing to be in the hardest Olympic teams ever is amazing.

I definitely believe they can both do it but it will be hard. At the end of last year Katie’s fellow teammate put in a protest that got her disqualified so it goes to show no one is giving them an inch. They are respected but people still want to smash them.


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