Story of supertri: Our Why

supertri’s new brand was born from the same desire to never stand still, to constantly progress and always believe there are more people to inspire and entertain that has driven the company’s growth from kitchen table concept to global sports phenomenon.

Super League Triathlon was the brainchild of three individuals whose lives were transformed by triathlon. Michael D’hulst, Leonid Boguslavsky and Chris McCormack were united by a common passion, each bringing their own unique story to the foundation of what is now supertri, a revolutionary movement in the world of sports.

Michael, a native of Belgium, found triathlon in the mid-90s, captivated by the sheer endurance and discipline demanded by the sport. After years in the corporate world, he took a sabbatical to get back into triathlon as a competitor and stayed to transform it from a niche sport into a global product that could inspire and entertain.

Leonid Boguslavsky is a successful businessman whose encounter with triathlon came later in life. Yet, this late discovery did not dampen his enthusiasm; rather, it fuelled a desire to contribute, to ensure that the sport that had changed his life would continue to inspire others for generations to come.

Then there was Chris McCormack, a 4-time world champion, who had reached the pinnacle of his professional career and wanted to give back to the sport that had given him so much. His journey was not just about personal accolades but about leaving a legacy, and using his platform to elevate triathlon to new heights.

Together, they saw triathlon not just as a sport but as a powerful tool for entertaining and motivating, a way to connect with a broader audience beyond the traditional confines of athletic competition. They developed a format that was more accessible and more engaging, a format that could capture the imagination of the masses and showcase the incredible feats of endurance, speed, skill and tactics that define triathlon.

That has grown and developed into supertri and its vision: to inspire the competitor in everyone.

supertri is in name and look an evolution, but what it stands for is a revolution. supertri gives structure to what has been already built and is still to come as it moves beyond simply triathlon; a professional sport built for the modern audience with the first pro league in the sport boasting the world’s best athletes racing fast, tactical and technical courses, a multi-award winning Esports event that crowns official World Champions, digital and broadcast media that inspires, entertains and brings new fans, and participation to deliver triathlon for all.

While producing the new brand, supertri conducted extensive research with people both inside and outside of its circle to understand how it and wider sport was perceived and to confirm where it is heading.

Michael Dhulst and Jonny Brownlee

The change of name is in itself telling as it shifts from the Super League in triathlon to supertri, an all-encompassing brand delivering entertainment and inspiration and the very future of triathlon.

The new logo uses a custom and unique font, and like supertri is unconventional with twisting angles, cuts and curves like the race circuits themselves. The ‘Super S’ has three parts representing swim, bike and run and the whole look and feel is clean, modern and future facing.

Having broken free from the rest of the sport when it smashed those preconceptions with its broadcast product, supertri now has a rounded brand to deliver for the future, no matter who you are or where you engage with it.

The discovery has also informed a new set of core brand values. In true supertri fashion, even these break free from the constraints of tradition, with five core values not defined by paragraphs of text, but instead a dictionary style definition of exactly what they mean to supertri. Our decision making is now bound by these principles and truly defines us.

BREAKING BOUNDARIES - Bold, courageous, fearless, agile

CREATING MOMENTS - Unforgettable, compelling, emotive, exhilarating

FUELLING AMBITION - Unleashing potential, empowerment, achievement, passion

ENRICHING COMMUNITIES - Unity, inclusivity, charity, activity

DELIVERING EXCELLENCE - World class, premium, distinctive, imaginative

supertri will disrupt, challenge and inspire the world to be a fitter and healthier place. It is the ultimate challenger brand, redefining an entire sport, producing world class experiences and content to enrich lives and galvanize an ever growing community of fitness enthusiasts. And it will always, always, entertain.

Here’s to a new era, transcending triathlon, delivering on the world stage, and inspiring so many others to join the movement.

supertri Toulouse


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